Technical Communications

Technical Communications

Our Technical Communication graduate certificate offers a unique learn/work experience for recent undergraduates interested in writing, editing, and documentation. Semester one introduces technical writing basics, editorial & style, and associated applications. A co-op placement in term two nurtures these introductory skills in preparation for semester three, which further explores the theory and applied learning of your first two semesters. Upon graduation, you will be able to design, research, draft, edit and produce technical documents for a wide range of audiences and purposes.

The first semester of the program prepares you for the co-operative work placement which takes place in the Winter term. An integral component of the program, the work placement experience provides you with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained in the first academic semester. In turn, you’ll acquire on-the-job insight and learning which will be applied to projects during the second academic semester.

Working with the Co-op Co-ordinator, you’ll arrange and ultimately benefit from a meaningful work placement with an employer committed to helping you meet your learning goals.

The second academic semester takes place in the Summer term and focuses on project development and the acquisition of advanced design and document management skills, as well as specialized work in various electronic media. Faculty are experienced teachers of technical writing and current practitioners in the field.

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