SenecaMedia Podcast: International Women’s Day and Equality



Inspired by conversations started on International Women’s Day, host Craig Robertson is joined by S@Y Radio station manager Fayth Starr, and Devin Andrade and Afshaan Purvez from SenecaMedia to discuss their perspectives on women in the workplace, equality, and what the future holds for these issues.

A woman’s experience in the workplace differs depending on where she works and the level of equality a woman experiences in her life is attributed largely to where she lives. Even though the circumstances vary, the conversations remain the same- what can we do to bring more equality and representation to woman in all areas?

Although it’s difficult to speak for the experiences of women in other parts of the world, the women on the podcast spoke openly about the areas and industries where they want to see women more equally represented. As much as the common discussions do focus on how women can get more involved in under-represented areas, it’s something that everyone can contribute to. If you’re a woman in STEM, own it and share your experiences for other women to see. As a man, show your support and help spread the word about the awesome females in your industry. Equal representation in all areas, not just gender, depends on acknowledging what we all can do to support each other’s work.


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