Event & Media Production

The Event and Media Production Diploma program at Seneca College

The internet has revolutionized the way that people communicate and do business. It has not eliminated the need for people to meet face to face, to discuss ideas, share knowledge or celebrate life.

So where does Event and Media production fit into the overall meetings industry? We concentrate on producing the message and the media, regardless of venue. We focus on what happens “in the room”. Business events, our bread and butter, are held to communicate a message to a live audience, to effect a change in the way that audiences think. We teach students how to help craft that message, how to create media that support that message and how to physically deliver that message whether it’s from a stage, on a screen, or both.

We don’t teach the hospitality side of the business; there are lots of good meeting planner courses out there that do exactly that. We don’t teach travel and tourism or destination management, but if you want to influence an audience, we will show you how.

Our industry used to be called business theatre because a lot of what we practice has roots in traditional live theatre, and so we teach students about lighting, staging, audio, projection, and other aspects of producing a show. We’ll teach you how to create video, print, web, and all of the other media that are used in live events.

There is a process used to produce an event and once you have learned it you can use it to produce any event, from concerts to Annual General Meetings, from trade shows to carnivals.

If you want to see the world you can either join the Marines, or learn how to produce events and the media within.

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Student Experience

I realized that I’m using EVERY SINGLE SKILL learned during EMP. Literally, from event management to audio production, all the courses that we have in the program are part of my daily duties. I did the right thing choosing EMP to make one of my biggest dreams come true and I want to thank you for creating and keeping this program. And I have to thank you for being hard on me sometimes, without it I would probably still be working at a bakery.

I need to thank you for the teaching you provided me over the past two years as your courses are REALLY helping me in my courses now. I really loved EMP and I wish I could take it again.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Although your course was challenging, and frustrating at points, I’m extremely happy I got through it. Thank you for your help. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the program, and I felt challenged, and that made this outcome feel all the more rewarding.