"Since introducing netnography to the world two decades ago, Dr. Kozinets hasn’t had much time to attend Star Trek conventions anymore. He has published countless books, written several journal articles and served as a consultant to large companies around the world. His latest work involves an unnamed hardware company that is trying to figure out how its customers categorize their products. He is tackling this by using Pinterest, a medium traditional researchers may have previously ignored."


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The Team

Writing for Dialogues really showed us our strengths in writing, and let us really change our writing from academic to storytelling. Interviewing Robert Kozinets, the person who invented a new type of research for PR, is definitely an experience we won't forget, and made the late night writing and edits worth it. In the beginning it took some extra research to fully understand how netnographies works, but not only did we get to write a great piece, but we also learned something practical for our careers in public relations. For that we couldn't be happier.


◦ Royston Singh

◦ Niloufar Alizadeh

◦ Lana Awwad

◦ Jharna Sanjay Bajaj


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