Niloufar Alizadeh

Nilou Alizadeh, a Public Relations practitioner in the making loves to research and write on her topics of interest.  With a strong background in political science and legal studies, Nilou spends most of her free time researching and writing on the issues of politics, law, and public relations.  

Lana Awwad

Lana Awwad graduated with degree in Psychology from Western University and is now completing a Public Relations Corporate Communications diploma at Seneca College. Her degree at Seneca has given her valuable experience in managing media relations, developing corporate communications strategies, creating promotional materials, managing social media and completing data collection and analysis. She also got to the experience of working on independent and team projects, such as the Dialogues, in which these opportunities have taught her how to successfully communicate with colleagues and organizational leaders in various roles, while also meeting strict deadlines. Lana has always had a passion for creative writing and has hoped to see fruition someday through publishing an article in a magazine or a journal. She has learnt that persistence and hard work can lead to great things and hopes to continue to challenge herself and grow as a successful public relations professional.


Ziwei Chen

Ziwei is a dynamic digital communicator and social media connoisseur. Not your typical public relations practitioner, she has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo where she studied biology.  When she’s not posting new photos on Instagram, or engaging with your brand on Facebook, you’ll find her with a camera in hand, on the lookout for a stunning view and exciting adventure.


Charis Ho

As a writer for the PR Dialogues publication and a varsity athlete on the volleyball team, Charis thrives on managing a well-organized schedule to make the most of her experience at Seneca College. Prior to studying in the Public Relations – Corporate Communications (PRC) graduate program, Charis completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree from Queen’s University in Political Studies. Through her part-time role on the Communications team at Queen’s University, Charis developed an interest in digital communications and stakeholder relations. Her experiences include internal communications, corporate training, social media, project management and graphic design. Upon graduating from PRC, Charis hopes to go on a coffee cleanse before pursuing a career in public relations.

Khaleed Najak

In addition to his Public Relations Corporate Communications post graduate certificate, Khaleed has a degree in Political Science from McMaster University with a certificate in Leadership and Management in the Not-For-Profit Sector. He has an interest in sports, fashion, and obviously politics and he hopes to study the intersection of these three fields in the landscape of public relations.

Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross is a lover of dogs and queen of sass. When she isn't staring at her York University Honours Communication degree wondering how she managed to achieve it, she is fangirling over musicals she's too broke to see on Broadway. Jennifer Ross also enjoys eating nachos and making cheesy puns.

Uwakmfon Ukobo

Uwakmfon Ukobo is an International student who spends her time discovering delicious cuisines, petting dogs, online shopping and the occasional Netflix and chill. When she is not busy gushing about fattening foods she deliberates various social concerns plaguing humanity with her friends and family.

Amy Richardson

Amy is a public relations, corporate communications student at Seneca. Amy has a bachelors degree in communications from Carleton University, in her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. She has worked in the non-profit sector for 5 years, currently as a communications associate. She hopes to continue contributing to meaningful change in the community.

Adam Amaning

Bio Goes Here.

Jharna Bajaj

Jharna Bajaj is a public relations student at Seneca college, and has previously worked in public relations at MSL, a publicis groupe agency. Having worked on a diverse client portfolio and in multiple practices such as crisis management, strategy and campaign planning, she believes that she found her calling in public relations. Jharna is also passionate about writing and therefore being a part of dialogues was certainly an invaluable learning experience.

Lauren Everest

I am a Communications graduate from York University and currently enrolled in the PRCC program at Seneca College. I have always wanted to write for a publication and this experience solidified my passion for feature writing. I am grateful for the opportunity to write for dialogues and enjoyed seeing the process come together.

Aleksandra Kaliszuk

Aleksandra Kaliszuk is a PRCC student, excited to take on the world of communications upon graduating. She has a background in Environmental and Urban Sustainability, and likes to research and learn about clean and sustainable brands when she is not working towards achieving her goal of one day working for a global lifestyle PR agency in Toronto.


Ryan Lavender

Ryan Lavender spent seven years in broadcasting before entering the Public Relations - Corporate Communications program at Seneca College. With an education background in English Literature and Journalism, storytelling is clearly one of his greatest joys. In his spare time he volunteers with conservation organizations, which are close to his heart. This love of writing and the outdoors was likely heavily influenced by the fact that his favourite book as a child was “White Fang.”

James Tinajero

I’m a public relations and communications practitioner with a background in history and writing. I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a BA in history and am a current student in the Public Relations Corporate Communications program at Seneca College. With a deep appreciation for the written word I spend as much of my free time as I can reading, learning and writing. Whether I am doing research on astounding events in history for my blog, or writing an article on the future of AI in the PR profession I am always engaged and passionate. Currently, I work with Reurbanist as a junior associate researcher.

Vandhana Srinivasan

A  journalist-turned PR practitioner who is passionate about creative writing and constantly in search of new stories about the world of tea that is waiting to be explored. She always gravitated towards feature writing as it is all about weaving a story in the most captivating manner and aiming at getting different prospective of a single subject. During her career as a journalist, close to 50 of feature articles were published in various national dailies. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Vandhana settling in with a hot cup of Kashmiri Kahwa and thriller novel, bobbing her head to Frank Sinatra’s scintillating tunes or shaking a leg to some peppy Kizomba numbers.

Nihal Mandanna C.P.

When he’s not talking your ear off in the hallway, you can find Nihal drinking a medium steeped tea, reading a book or hyperextending himself after promising not to. After realizing that he couldn’t quite live life working out of a lab, he decided to take his passion for storytelling into the world of public relations. He is passionate about consumer and healthcare technology, not-for-profit work and video games and wants to find work that will marry all three elements.

Royston Singh

Royston Singh graduated from the University of Guelph, and enrolled in the Public Relations - Corporate Communications at Seneca immediately after. Throughout his undergraduate program, Royston’s work in event organization, public speaking, and client relations made him realize where he really wanted his career to be, and that was in PR.

Richmond Appianing

Richmond Appianing is a Public Relations – Corporate Communications student at Seneca College. He was the project manager for the Dialogue article "They Designed What?". Richmond holds a degree in Mass Communications and Sociology from the University of Ottawa.

Victoria Bortoluzzi

I like to think of myself as a passionate storyteller. Growing up with Italian roots, I developed my passion for storytelling while sitting around the family dinner table listening to stories about my family, culture and heritage. Over the years I have developed writing skills to become a diverse writer. Graduating from York University with a BA in History, and now studying the art of Public Relations, it is clear that my passion for storytelling has added so much value to my successes. The opportunity to write for Dialogues will be something I am forever grateful for. Oh, and I like a good glass of red wine, nothing makes writing more enjoyable than having a glass of red.

Tatiana Forero

Having recently completed a BFA in Visual Arts and Communication studies from York University, Tatiana Forero is now currently working towards her post-graduate certificate in Public Relations, at Seneca College. With a keen interest in expanding her writing and editing skills, Tatiana took on the opportunity of assisting in Seneca’s international Dialogues publication. She now looks back at the experience with gratitude; developing well-rounded skills in research, prospect outreach, and professional networking.


Jennifer Rodriguez

A University of Toronto graduate with her BA in English, an explorer of the world, frequent spender of money she doesn’t have and the queen of spilling things on her shirt, this is Jennifer Rodriguez. When she is not spending countless hours standing in the Tim Horton's line up, she loves to travel, play sports and spend time with her family.

Courtney Mahrt

Courtney Mahrt holds an MA in English Literature from Ryerson University. Her fiction and non-fiction has appeared in publications across Canada. She is currently earning a postgraduate certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Seneca College. She has aspirations to work in the arts or the non-profit sector.

Ruchi Pithadia

Ruchi is an extrovert and loves to meet new people and learn things. She’s very creative, detailed oriented and focused. She holds a bachelor’s in commerce as well as a degree in International Business Management. After working for three years as a content writer for a major finance company in India, she was ready to move on to something new. Her passion for travel and adventure led her to move out of her comfort zone and move to Canada for further education. She’s currently enrolled in the Public Relations program at Seneca. Apart from PR Dialogues she’s also worked for another Seneca publication FCAD Viewbook.  She is good at research and you’ll often find her with her nose in her phone engrossed in reading something new. But don’t let this put you off, feel free to say hi anytime and have a good conversation.

Zemen Teshome

Zemen is currently enrolled in Seneca's Public Relations - Corporate Communications program. She hopes that by the end of this program she will have gotten better at writing about herself. She has a background in Communications, and enjoys studying it because of the powerful effect media technologies have on our understanding of the world. She also enjoy writing, music, and supporting and being a part of creative communities.


Kasserine Niferas

Kasserine Nifras is an International Student from the Philippines with a degree in Biology and a Certificate in Human Resources Management. Currently in the Public Relations – Corporate Communications program, she copes with everyday student life by going on random adventures and learning new things. She looks forward to exploring more of Canada after graduation.