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PR Dialogues Tackles Work-Life Balance

The latest issue of PR Dialogues reflects on something essential for any professional or student: achieving work-life balance. Knowing when to stop is extremely important as it allows you to stay healthy and deal better with stress. Studies have shown…

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Student Life

Cameo Guidelines

So You Signed UpNow What? Official Timeline Finalize Your Gear Whether you are going to film it on your phone, or use a pro-grade camera – finalize all the equipment you will need on filming day. This includes everything from…

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Be Agile!

What’s Agile? It’s a ground-breaking project development methodology that increases productivity and flexibility. While Agile first emerged in the software industry, it is now spreading across multiple types of organization. Learning about Agile and how to work in an Agile…

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Mental Health Resources

This week  is Bell Let’s Talk, a great reminder that we should all take care of our mental health every day. Remember that you are not alone and that asking for help is a sign of strength and maturity. Here…

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Great Short Films Made in 24 Hours

24-hour film festivals have produced some great short films, we have gathered here some of our favourites. We hope they can inspire you for the Cameo Contest. Remember that the most important thing is to tell a compelling story. The…

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Acing the Cameo Film Contest

So, you decided to compete in Cameo with your friends? Here’s a list of advice to help you make the best of it! Before the Contest While you can’t write your whole script ahead, there are still things you can…

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