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5 Things We Can Still Do Online

It might be safe to say that we have all "settled" into life at home. Physical distancing across the world has meant that almost everything has been put on hold or cancelled. Movies have been post-poned, the Olympics have been pushed, and concerts are delayed until further notice. That's a lot of sources of entertainment shut down at a time when all of us have much more time for entertainment. But what's that saying? Constraints breed creativity? That has never been truer.

The world is saying the show must go on and finding innovative ways to make things work from home. Late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live found their stride and have been garnering laughter while filming from wherever they are. Love continues to prevail as virtual weddings help couples say 'I do'. The Olympics have become anyone's game as TikToks document elaborate competitions featuring twists on the classics. Even reality singing shows like The Voice are keeping the music alive!


Seeing all of these creative solutions made us want to look at the innovative ways that things at school are adjusting in order to continue while we all physically distance. It may feel like you're going through a college experience that is missing some of the activities or interactions that make college so fun. But, after taking a look around the all the virtual platforms that have been setup since we all moved home, we discovered that most of those activities aren't missing, they're just a little different.

Our school thrives on adapting to the changing realities of the world. Thanks to the dedication and creative thinking of faculty, staff, and students we've still seen so many activities continue as they would, only done so online. From grad shows and end of year banquets, to getting that 'classroom' feel during online learning we are not letting the college experience suffer. We're making the most of what we've got and it really does help. Group projects that get students collaborating with each other over Tiktok or music video parodies are exactly what make us feel like we're still connected. We could go on and on about how impressed we are with the ingenuity but instead, let's just show you.

5 Things We Can Still Do Online


When the shift to online learning happened so quickly, it certainly left us all wondering how we’d still get that classic classroom feel that we’re used to. Luckily, it didn’t take long for Senecans to find their footing and still have some fun. Whether it’s bringing a theme to the video call or those adorable cameos from actual teacher’s pets- moments like these remind us that we can still enjoy the classroom experience, even from the comfort of our homes and pjs.


The term 'group project' might send shivers down some people’s spines, but the truth is that a lot of times the group projects are what bring out some of the best work we see! If you thought that magic would be lost with long distance, think again! Whether it’s a group mentoring session or journalism newscasts, we’re still seeing that two (or more) minds are greater than one. Seriously, just look at the “don’t rush” challenge that the flight services students did!


At Seneca we’re fortunate enough to have a wide variety of fitness activities planned on campus all the time. For some, it’s health first and for others it’s a needed break from the stress of school. The good news is you can still get that fix while at home! Those friendly faces we’re used to seeing at the fitness center are bringing their workouts, recipes, and healthy living tips to your homes. Every day they’re posting content on Instagram to keep you motivated and help you take care of yourself as best you can right now.


Everyone loves a good award show, right? And end of the year grad shows or banquets have that same feel-good vibe to them. Thanks to our dedicated and problem-solving faculty, the show did go on! The animation program held their end of the year grad show on YouTube for everyone to tune into live, while the athletic banquet celebrated a year of excellence from our student athletes.


Finally, it wouldn’t be the college experience without that community feeling you get from being a part of something. It’s that feeling we used to get from walking the halls and saying hi to each other. Or seeing the creative projects that different programs were working on. It’s even the collective sigh we all let out when the Tim Horton’s line is really long. Thankfully, we still found that sense of community online. Because we are #SenecaProudatHome and we’re in this together, even while we’re apart.