Student Life

6 Dos and Don’ts of Online Classes

1. Do Wear Pants

...And also tops. You will thank us later for this one. Do not be the reason your prof has to send that email!

2. Don't be the person picking their nose in the camera.

There's always that one person that forgets the camera is on! We call this- too comfortable too fast. There's still some unspoken etiquette to these calls, right? Like, if you're enjoying a snack during the class try not to make it too distracting and remember to mute your mic so everyone else doesn't get subjected to that chewing ASMR.

3. Do set up a professional background!

This is a good practice for any time you have a remote meeting, as a student or a professional! It is always good practice to be a professional in meetings, and online classes are a great way to start. There are lots of creative hacks to do this, but when in doubt you can't go wrong with a plain background.

4. Be nice!

Yes, not all professors are great with tech, but we don't have to point it out and shame them. Trust us, they know they're struggling, you don't need to remind them. Remember, they didn't chose this medium but they are doing their best to make sure your semester isn't lost!

5. Do get comfortable and ready to learn!

Online classes are a great way to learn in the comfort of your own home. So get some tea, some snacks and your notebook because class is in session! With all the time spent at home, this is also a great opportunity to feel re-connected with your previous routine and see your classmates. Enjoy it!

6. Do try to have fun with this!

Remember: we are all in this together, but like, far apart. We're all human and trying to adjust to this. If there are any hiccups or challenges, we gotta learn to laugh about it. Things will be different, but we can definitely still have fun. Always.

So, have fun, enjoy time with your pets, and keep learning! Most importantly: stay safe and healthy! See you all online!