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7 Types of People During the Holiday Break

It’s finally here. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The holiday break! No more waking up before the sun. No more excessive amounts of caffeine. Time to sit back, relax, and do whatever you want! But what exactly is that? We of course know what the usual suspects will be up to. Enjoy our extensive and well researched analysis of the 7 types of people during the holiday break! We all know, or are one of these.

The Voyager

Literally the moment their last assignment is handed in and they’re free to go, they are gone. Like really gone. What’s the absolute soonest flight time after finishing class? Just ask them, because they’re probably booked on that flight. Oh, and be careful about scrolling on Instagram. You may experience mild bouts of envy over all the travel selfies they’re posting. Bon voyage!


The Hibernator

Is there really such a thing as too much sleep? Maybe, but not for the pro-hibernator. Channeling their inner grizzly bear, this individual settles into its warm den and remains in a deep slumber until they must emerge for the winter semester. Be careful not to disturb them as these creatures can become quite irate if unwanted visitors disrupt their in-depth sleep rejuvenation.


The Workaholic

Classes may technically be over, but there’s never a shortage of learning to be done! Or interning. Or volunteering. Or working on that side hustle. The early morning alarms don’t get turned off for the Workaholic and you likely won’t see much of them during the holidays. The grind is a lifestyle and it stops for no one and nothing. Their focus and dedication is truly impressive. If you’d rather be working, you do you!


The Martha Stewart 

For once they can spend all their time in the one place they truly enjoy, the kitchen. Baking up a storm of goodies that no one really needs to eat, but no one will say no to. They’ve likely spent their time during their commute to school just pinning recipes to try when they finally had free time. Now is the time to go all in on that Great British Bake Off inspired pinterest board of dreams.


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The Marathoner 

Have you seen the latest series on Netflix? They have. And all the previous seasons. And all the recommended shows. Plus a foreign documentary, because what else is there to do on a Wednesday afternoon? If Netflix is looking for someone to test their latest sorting algorithm, we know who they should call. 


The Sloth

Time is a funny thing. They’ve lost all track of it. Life is just moving at a different pace for them. A slower pace. Filled with excessive amounts of snacking, getting well acquainted with the couch, and mundane tasks done in slow-motion.


The Cheerleader

The time has finally come for them to dedicate all their energy to a cause they truly believe in- holiday cheer. They are the epitome of every iconic Christmas movie character you can imagine. Like Buddy the Elf mixed with Redbull.  What’s better than one Christmas tree? Seven of them. Who needs Christmas songs on the radio when you can skip up and down your street singing carols loud for all to hear?

However you choose to spend your Holidays, know that you totally deserve it! Have the happiest of holidays fam, and miss us a little!