The #SenecaMedia Team

Ever wondered who’s posting those hilarious gifs on Twitter? Or running around to every event snapping shots for Instagram? Well, here we are! The team is lead by the hard-working and innovate Beth Agnew and Martin Waxman. Devin Andrade and Afshaan Purvez work on the day to day execution of strategies and content. Together they form the Dream Team. Constantly curious of social media’s ever-growing role in education and passionate about highlighting the students they see every day. The #SenecaMedia team strives to give you an inside look at Seneca College’s School of Media. As great as our gifs and boomerangs are, we are also dedicated to making #SenecaMedia’s online presence a recognized brand both within the school and beyond the walls of the Seneca@York campus.

You can usually spot us running around campus with our cameras and phones attending different classes, presentations, and guest speakers to capture the pulse of the School of Media. With every day, week, month, and semester comes more exciting things to share and we couldn’t be happier to be doing it!

Meet the Team!


Beth Agnew

Chair of School of Media


Martin Waxman

Social Media Advisor


Devin Andrade

Technical Director


Afshaan Purvez

Creative Director