About Us



Seneca Media covers all things FCAD at Seneca College! The Faculty of Communication, Art & Design includes the School of Creative Arts and Animation, the School of Fashion, the School of Marketing, and the School of Media. With all the exciting programs in those schools, there's a lot of awesome things that Seneca Media showcases.

Since so many of our programs are rich in media, visuals, events, and projects we are here to make sure those things are celebrated for all the see. Beyond that, we also engage with the community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff that make FCAD such a great place to be. Whether we're collaborating with students on an original video series, interviewing alumni on our podcast, or catching up with our faculty to hear what they've been up to outside the classroom- there is always something happening at Seneca Media.

Normally, you'll find us on campus documenting what life is like, from the coffee lines to the film sets in the hallways. When we're not on campus, you can follow along with what's going on at FCAD on Twitter and Instagram. For a deeper dive, our podcast features stories from our community, as does our YouTube channel and this blog!

Our Schools

To find out more about FCAD and how to apply, visit Seneca College's website