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Alumni Advice: Blogging Edition

This series features a panel discussion with alumni from Seneca College’s Public Relations- Corporate Communications program who share their insights from starting and maintaining a blog as part of their work at Seneca. Jennifer Evans, Katherine Sousa, Ran Lu0, Samantha Younan, and Rebecca Dudgeon answer questions from current students and their former profs about what went into creating their blogs, how they found inspiration, and what new bloggers can do to set themselves up for success.

Episode 1: How to Start a Blog

The alumni introduced themselves and shared what they had been up to since they finished the program at the end of April 2018. Once introductions were covered, the audience was eager to hear about the creation stage of the blogging process. Deciding on topics, getting inspiration, and developing the strategy can be difficult, in fact just getting started is often the hardest part.

Episode 2: Are Blogs the New Resumes?

The alumni discuss how their blogs helped them in their job searches.  Whether it’s the topics their blogs were about, the success of their blogs, or just the demonstration of their writing skills- did having a blog set them apart from other applicants? Besides just getting a job, the alumni also shared what skills they learned from their blogs that they applied in their careers. What strengths and experiences can students or bloggers gain from starting a blog if they take it seriously?

Episode 3: Staying Consistent and Inspired

The alumni get real about how they decided what to write, stayed consistent, and found inspiration when the ideas weren’t coming easily. Let’s start with consistency- not only is it about creating a habit, it’s also about progress. As it is the case with something like working out, seeing your progress can be encouraging and helpful to your process.

Episode 4: What They Wish They Knew

In this episode we’re talking roadblocks, getting promotional, and the advice they wish they knew. Let’s cut to the chase and hear about what roadblocks our panelists faced.

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