Journalism, Unscripted

Alumni Advice: Journalism Edition

So what is Alumni Advice? Exactly as awesome as it sounds. Successful Seneca College alumni share their tips and insights with current students. Our first edition of this podcast series features alumni from our Journalism program including Jamie Gutfreund, Pooja Handa, Brandon Gonez, and Jacqueline Hansen.

The panel discussed so many helpful experiences that current and recent journalism students can benefit from, so we turned it into an 8 episode series.


Episode 1 – Why Seneca?

The alumni tell us why they chose Seneca College to study journalism and broadcasting, and why it’s important that the program continues to evolve to prepare students.


Episode 2 – Do’s and Don’ts When Entering the Industry

The alumni tell our soon-to-be grads what to expect when they enter the industry, why it’s okay to not get your dream job first, and how starting small can actually be an advantage.


Episode 3 – How to Be an Awesome Intern

The alumni share what they were like as interns and what qualities they look for in interns now. Really this episode should just be called ‘Ultimate Intern Hacks’ because all the secrets to acing an internship are spilled.


Episode 4 – Best Part About Being a Journalist (And how to deal with the bad parts)

The alumni answer what makes this job so awesome that you don’t get weighed down by the bad parts like having to wake up at 3am? They share the rewarding things that students can look forward to and the more challenging things that they’ll learn to handle.


Episode 5 – Helpful Prior Experience and Pro Tips

The alumni emphasize the value of having performance experience and why you should try improv classes to build your on camera confidence.


Episode 6 – Mastering the Art of a Live Hit

The alumni break down the necessary skills for nailing your live hits. They share  their tips to get more comfortable doing them and ways to improve.


Episode 7 – Can you be a Journalist and a Content Creator?

Questions from students prompt a discussion about posting content on YouTube and how it can impact your reputation as a journalist. They discuss the importance of being objective and balancing still being able to share things on social.


Episode 8 – Pitching Ideas and Dealing with Fake News

More questions from students lead to advice on how to pitch ideas in the newsroom. The alumni share how and when to pitch stories, particularly as a new journalist. They also couldn’t escape the popular topic of fake news and sharing their thoughts on the implications it’s having on the industry.