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Alumni Advice: The Producers Edition

This edition of Alumni Advice features a panel discussion with successful Seneca College alumni from the Journalism, Television, and Radio Broadcasting programs. The panel guests included Janelle Griffin – an award-winning editorial guest producer with CNN, Stephanie Bertini –  an award-winning journalist currently working at NBC 6 News in South Florida, Madeleine Standish –  lifestyle television producer for Alibi Entertainment Inc, Patrick Malkin – producer and an on-air contributor with Corus Radio Toronto, and Jeff Landicho – a producer with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and creator of the Toronto Raptors documentary series, Open Gym.  The alumni answered questions from students and former profs about their experiences as on air talent, print journalists, and producers.


Ep. 01 – Why Seneca?

In this episode, the alumni share why the chose to attend Seneca College and what went into their transition from college to the industry. Every story and every journey the alumni shared are all so different, yet they have quite a few similarities. Seneca was a pivotal experience in their careers and set them on the path they needed to go. No matter what age or under what circumstances they came to their programs at, they were able to make the best of the experience and treated success as the only option.


Ep. 02 – Demos and Deadlines

In this episode, the alumni discuss demo reels and handling deadlines. Students getting ready to enter the industry are understandably very focused on making sure their demo reels are going to make the cut, so they were curious about how the alumni approached their demo reels, what employers are looking for in a reel, and the process of gathering footage. Before even getting into the industry though, it’s important to start taking deadlines seriously as soon as possible. The alumni stressed why students should start caring about being accountable to their deadlines.


Ep. 03 – Stress Management 101

In this episode, the alumni get real about handling the stress and emotions that can come from working in a fast paced, intense, and all-encompassing industry. Having experienced the industry quite thoroughly, they know what the stress is like and have their go-to methods for managing it. They’ve also been exposed to the emotional toll it can take and are very mindful of dealing with those emotions.


Ep. 04 – Pursuing Passion & Making Sacrifices

In this episode, the alumni answer student questions surrounding pursuing their passions and making sacrifices. Students were curious to know their thoughts on whether you take whatever job you can, no matter where it is, or if you focus on working where you actually want to be. They also wanted to know how you balance work life and having a social life.


Ep. 05 – The Truth About Internships

In this episode, the alumni talk about what students should really expect from an internship and the do’s and don’t’s for social media. There’s the common stereotype that internships are just about fetching coffee, but what’s the truth? And what can students do to ensure they get the most out of their experience as interns? It’s important to make a positive first impression. Speaking of impressions, there’s now also the social media impression to be conscious of. When you enter the workforce, especially in jobs in media, you quickly become extremely aware of what you’ve put online. As a student, now is the time to clean things up and prepare the social media presence that’s right for your career.


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