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Alumni Stories: Journalism Summer Institute to TV Host ft. Aleia Ally

The Summer Institute of Multiplatform Journalism program has provided me with the core knowledge and fundamental skills that play a vital role in my daily tasks while performing as a host and community producer on the new series #Trending with Aleia Ally on Rogers TV Kitchener.

The critical aspects of the program including script writing, researching and interviewing techniques has elevated my abilities in front of the camera as a host. With these refined skill-sets, I am able to build a strong foundation in my career, which has allowed me to highlight people through the power of storytelling, adding value to topics that are important to the community while contributing my voice in the world of journalism. When I am not in front of the camera, show planning and researching is where I spend my time.

Behind the camera is as equally as important. Without the learnings of camera operations, software editing and theories in digital media. I would not be able to function on an independent level. Filming #Trending with Aleia Ally, we function with a small crew. Wearing many hats is a must for the show’s success. I am constantly providing content to my social page. Assisting with editing and providing voice overs are general tasks before a show can be aired. Completing the program has given me a full 360 approach to what I am currently doing and what I love with #Trending with Aleia Ally.

Watch the series every Thursday online only on Rogers tv.

Instagram: @Trending_With_Aleia

Twitter: @AleiaAlly