Blogmas 2020

Blogs You Should Check Out Instead of Doomscrolling

Seneca Media Presents: Take 10 Blogmas Series 2020

With more time to be spent at home this holiday season, we're treating you to a special list of blogs to check out instead of doomscrolling on social media. This year's Blogmas series features blogs on everything from self-care and quarantine activities, to marketing and music. The writers behind these blogs are students from Seneca's Public Relations-Corporate Communications program. Tune in to each episode to hear them discuss what inspired their blogs and what exciting content they've got planned for their platforms. If you hear an episode you like, be sure to check out more posts on from those writers on their blogs!

Carla Aviva Scentz

Carla Rudberg

On her blog, Carla Rudberg introduces readers to the delights of wickless wax warmers. She shares why these scented warmers are an excellent solution for anyone who can't have traditional candles in their home and how a first-time buyer can figure out what warmer is best for them.

Check out her blog: https://carlaavivascentz.ca/

The Self-Care Station

Adina Saban

In this episode, Adina Saban discusses the self-care journey she's begun as she works to make her health and wellness a priority in her life. She shares what methods she's trying and how to determine which self-care methods might be worth checking out.

Check out her blog: https://theselfcarestation.wordpress.com/

Prioritizing Productivity

Justin Ramos

On his blog, Justin Ramos focuses on sharing tips, strategies, and advice for getting past procrastination and back to being productive. He knows from his experiences as a student, that finding balance can be difficult but he's got easy steps that anyone can try.

Check out his blog: https://prioritizingproductivity.wordpress.com/

The Dusky Brunette

Radhisha Pillai

On her blog, Radhisha Pillai shares her personal experience with overcoming bullying and insecurities to become the confident woman she is today. Along the way she's discovered the tried and true skin and makeup products that have helped her feel her best and she shares her reviews of them all.

Check out her blog: https://theduskybrunette.wordpress.com/

Maybe It's The Wine Talking

Jessica Breadner

In this episode, Jessica Breadner shares the creative ways she's staying connected with friends during the pandemic and her picks for which wines pair best with every occasion.

Check out her blog: https://maybeitsthewinetalking.wordpress.com/

Ensearch Digit

Omkar Kulkarni

In this episode, graphic designer turned digital marketer Omkar Kulkarni shares what excites him about the world of digital marketing in 2020. With everything from knowing your audience to figuring out TikTok, Omkar explores it all to help those big and small reach their market online.

Check out his blog: https://ensearchdigit.wordpress.com/

Drop A Beat

Yordel Jackson

On her blog, Yordel Jackson dives deep in to the music she loves and the stories behind it. With a curiosity for all things history, culture, and creativity, Yordel takes us beyond the lyrics and discusses some of the deeper impacts music can have.

Check out her blog: https://heydropabeat.wordpress.com/

Confessions of a Strategy Marketer

Mohammed Faizan Sorathia

In this episode, Mohammed Faizan Sorathia brings his passion for marketing and strategy to small businesses. With an eye for understanding market audiences, Mohammed shares what tips he gives businesses to help them thrive online, especially during times like the pandemic.

Check out his blog: https://mfasorathia.wordpress.com/

The Hag

Erika Murray

On her blog, Erika Murray talks all things horror and what keeps her coming back to this genre. From the early days of Scooby-Doo to the latest horror tropes making the rounds, Erika's got the reviews and analysis that all horror watchers love.

Check out her blog: https://airmyrrh.wordpress.com/

Access TV & Film

Chris Centeno

After a busy and bustling career working in newsrooms, magazines, and film, Chris Centeno's blog hopes to celebrate the still underrepresented Canadian TV & Film industry. He shares his experiences working on set during the pandemic, why highlighting Canadian content matters, and what shows to check out.

Check out his blog: https://accesstvfilm.wordpress.com/

A Bucket of Popcorn

Maithili Dixit

On her blog, Maithili Dixit shares real life stories from around the world. In this episode, she talks about how she finds stories to share, what she loves most about storytelling and why connecting with each other through stories is even more important these days.

Check out her blog: https://abucketofpopcorn.wordpress.com/

Seneca Media

Two Market Girls x The Geek Aesthetic

Afshaan and Devin have been managing their respective blogs for some time now. They discuss how they've grown as bloggers, what trends shaped their journey, and their vision for the future. While they both have very different blogs, you'll find their recipes are fairly similar. 


Check our their blogs: