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12 Blogs You Should Check Out Over the Holidays

12 Blogs You Should Check Out Over The Holidays

Seneca Media Presents: Take 10 Blogmas Series

This holiday season we’re treating you to a special edition of Take 10, called The 12 Days of Blogmas.  Each episode will feature a student in Seneca’s Public Relations-Corporate Communications program talking about upcoming posts on their blogs.  Topics range from sustainable travel to choosing a career that makes you happy. If you hear an episode you like, be sure to check out more posts on from those writers on their blogs!

The Ethical Traveler

Julie Hambleton

In this episode, Julie Hambleton talks about simple and economical ways to travel ethically and sustainably. Julie highlights different aspects of ethical travel, such as your impact on the environment, local economies, and the lives of the people (and animals) who live there.

Check out her blog: https://theethicaltraveler.travel.blog/

The Invincible

Chandana Budhiraja

On her blog, Chandana Budhiraja shares ways to incorporate passion into our careers and how to muster the courage to pursue the career you really want. Chandana also explains how to take time for yourself and strike a balance between a stressful job and your soul’s desire.

Check out her blog: https://chandanalife9602.home.blog/

Everything is PRsonal

Carolina Salinas

On her blog, Carolina Salinas talks about her lifestyle and the world of public relations. Carolina focuses here on important things to keep in mind when organizing a media conference.

Check out her blog: https://everythingisprsonal.travel.blog/

JIBE on the Job

Rashi Jain

On her blog, Rashi Jain explores the issue of employee dissatisfaction from the employer’s perspective. Rashi explores the causes of employee unhappiness, the importance of supporting mental health in the workplace and the steps employers can take to improve worker morale.

Check out her blog: https://jibeonjob.business.blog

The Hungry Student

Ali Winter

On her blog, Ali Winter gives us tips, tricks and recipes for eating healthy on a student budget. Ali shares her journey of discovering how eating well improved her energy, well-being and her bank account.  

Check out her blog: https://hungrystudent1.wordpress.com/

The Urban Brown Feminist

Disha Dhingra

On her blog, Disha talks about intersectional feminism: what it means and how feminism differs around the world. Disha shares her experience as a feminist in India, the inspiration for her blog and how she chose the films and books she highlights on the site.

Check out her blog: https://theurbanbrownfeminist1.home.blog/

Sustainable Me

Chloe Crawford

On her blog, Chloe Crawford discusses how she discovered the importance of living sustainably and how millennials can do more to combat climate change. Chloe also gives us tips on meaningful ways to be more sustainable now.

Check out her blog: https://chloesblog260306753.wordpress.com/

Well For Less

Kristel Véliz

On her blog, Kristel Véliz discusses how students can maintain balance in body, mind and spirit. Kristel shares ways to incorporate physical fitness into your busy routine (even if you hate it) and budget-friendly workout options.  

Check out her blog: https://wellforless.wordpress.com/

Pancit and Pasta

Melissa Mancini

On her blog, Melissa Mancini shares her experiences as a woman of Filipino and Italian heritage, including her take on controversial comments made by Eurasian actor Darren Criss about his Filipino background.

Check out her blog: https://pancitandpasta.wordpress.com/

Vybez N'Ting

Nahjdla Seale

On her blog, Nahjdla tells us about Caribbean lifestyle and culture. She shares what she loves most about the Caribbean, including her home country of Barbados.

Check out her blog: https://vybeznting.wordpress.com/

Two Market Girls

Devin Andrade

On her blog, Devin shares vegan recipes and lifestyle tips. In case you don't feel like cooking, she gives the lowdown on the GTA’s best vegan restaurants and great vegan meals to order at mainstream restaurants.

Check out her blog: http://twomarketgirls.com

The Geek Aesthetic

Afshaan Purvez

On her blog, Afshaan Purvez shares her unique opinions on books she's reading. Afshaan discusses her favourite books, why we shouldn’t judge people by the books they read, and her thoughts on classic literature.

Check out her blog: http://thegeekaesthetic.com/