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The Cameo 24 Hour Film Festival


Cameo- Seneca College‘s first 24-hour film festival- took place on February 26, 2020.  The goal of the event was to celebrate story-telling. Teams of Seneca students had 24 hours to write, shoot and edit a professional film under the theme Race Against the Machine.  They also had to incorporate a prop – a coin- into their short.  The goal was to tell a captivating story using the theme and prop. Spoiler alert: the entries delivered and then some!

Our industry expert judges were Brit Ngaw, Maureen Judge, and Carly Kastner. Brit Ngaw is an emerging filmmaker and has had her work featured in several renowned festivals. Maureen Judge is an award-winning Toronto filmmaker whose work has played at festivals and been broadcast globally. Carly Kastner is the Ontario Centre Studio Coordinator for the National Film Board of Canada.



Loaded Doom [The Jits]

How far would you go to see the love of your life again? Our protagonist in this short film makes a deal with occult technology and embarks on a quest to bring his girlfriend back from the dead. The clever writing, complemented with an original concept will give you chills. This is Loaded Doom.

The Jits crew included Sangavi Sivagunalan, Inha Lee, Tom Won, Jordan Neto [Starcoast Media]

Imagine life with a sentient personal-comfort robot… Would it be moral? Could the robot ever reciprocate human emotion? Starcoast Media answers these questions through their short film. tells a compelling science-fiction story that makes you question a future with artificial intelligence.

The Starcoast Media crew included Claudia Villafuerte, Lara Batista Guibes, Mohit Rathod, Vatsal Kavaiya and Huy Mueller.

Machine Love [Team Hippies]

Can a scientist create and shape the love of his life to his own image? Can her love last forever? Team Hippies’ film makes use of great acting, beautiful cinematography, as well as strong direction to tell a peculiar love story. This is Machine Love.

The Hippies crew included Khirmer Dia, Qingqing Yang, and Nic Collins.


Take for today [Team in Motion]

How many people have lost their job because of a machine in recent times? How many people will lose their job because of automation or because of a computer in the future. It is a heated topic in the face of rapid technological advancement. In Motion’s film cleverly tackles this important issue by walking us through grief, anger and acceptance that shows us a silver lining to this conundrum. This is Take for Today.

The In Motion crew included Kushal Gossai, Irish Ann Pinpin, and Jeanalle Suico.

Nice to Meet You [DB&KP]

Technology has socially isolated us more than ever before. People no longer take time to get to know people around them. In this short documentary, Devon Banfield takes some time to interview and get to know people from her surroundings. She asks simple questions that people don’t bother to ask anymore.  When was the last time you bothered getting to know the people around you? Find out in Nice to Meet You.

The DB & KP crew included Devon Banfield and Kyle Pierre.

The Experiment [Sick Minds]

Imagine a world where androids lived among us. How could we tell them apart? What if they were so similar to us, that the boundary between human and machine disappeared entirely? Sick Minds’ film challenges this very prospect, and manages to make viewers uneasy and question a future where this is entirely possible. This is The Experiment.

The Sick Minds crew included Cooper Sheehan, Connor Stenhouse, Marcel Hidalgo, Arash Shahabi, Timur Aliev.



The screening filled the Hive at [email protected] with an enthusiastic crowd of people gathering watch each of the thrilling entries. Popcorn and candy galore were available at a classic style concession stand. Journalism students Tess Ha and Patricia Mohamed hosted the event and kept the audience entertained between each short. Beth Agnew, chair of the School of Media, as well as two of our judges, Carly and Maureen, announced the winners after all entries had been premiered.  Student reporters from [email protected] News were also on hand to cover the event and interview the winners. Above all else, the screening brought together students and faculty to celebrate the creativity that is overflowing at our school.



Starcoast Media

Lara Batista Guibes, Huy Moeller, Mohit Rathod, Vatsal Kavaiya, Claudia Villafuerte


The Hippies

Khirmer Dia, Nic Collins & Qingqing Yang


The Jits

Sangavi Sivagunalan, Tom Won, Jordan Neto