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Where to Donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement in Toronto

Are you in a position to financially support Anti-Racism organizations?

After doing your research and educating yourself more on the reality of anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, you may be feeling the motivation to tangibly help the efforts in a financial way. Before we go any further, we know that many of you may be students and may not have the financial means to donate. If that's the case, let us first offer you an alternative.

Zoe Amira put together this hour long video featuring art and music from Black creators. It has a lot of ads throughout it, but that’s intentional. All of the ad revenue is being dispersed to various Black Lives Matter organizations. By streaming the video and not skipping any of the ads, you can help contribute to bail out funds, funerals, and advocacy.

If you are able to donate, here are some local organizations to consider

The CEE Centre For Young Black Professionals is a Toronto based charity that is dedicated to addressing the economic and social barriers that affect Black youth.

In light of current protest we are looking to generate funding to release and support protestors who end up incarcerated. This bail fund includes any legal fees that may be incurred.

To support timely access for Black community members to mental health professionals, be it via workshops or one on one therapy sessions.

A non-profit community legal clinic that provides free legal services for low or no income Black residents of Ontario.

FoodShare ensures that people who are facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic are getting access to good food, including Toronto’s most vulnerable communities and individuals.

A platform where black communities across Toronto can actively dismantle all forms of anti-black racism, liberate blackness, support black healing, affirm black existence, and create freedom to love and self- determine.

A Toronto-based not-for-profit organization that supports, showcases and promotes an appreciation of arts from across the African Diaspora.

An international movement of students challenging anti-Black racism in post-secondary institutions in every way that it manifests.

A community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada.

Empower, celebrate and support the advancement of Black womxn. Through collaboration with local partners and community agencies, they deliver programs and connect clients to resources that support their needs.

Support the family of Regis Korchinski-Paquet and get the proper justice.

A non-profit, charitable organization that addresses equity and opportunity for the Black community in business, employment, education and economic development.

A non-profit organization, driven by organizations across the country that advances the social, economic, political and cultural interests of Canadians of African descent.

Provide a dynamic range of mental health support and services and work within Anti-Racism/Anti-Black racism and Anti-Oppression frameworks.