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Feminism, Pop Culture, and Wonder Woman ft. Joy Xhindole

It's International Women's Day, a time to celebrate the women across the world....something we should probably do more often. But if we are talking about strong, influential women, Wonder Woman is a name that immediately comes to mind. She is the representation young women desperately seek on screen, and watching her has inspired millions over the years.

And once you see it, you can’t and shouldn’t un-see it. Representation in media matters. When Joy Xhindole, a student in Seneca College's PR program, first saw the movie Wonder Woman, it flipped a switch in her. She was seeing a woman being portrayed in a movie in a way that wasn’t very typical and defied a lot of stereotypes. After seeing that, it inspired her to analyze pop culture and media more closely for how it portrays women and what impact that can have.

“If you’re telling a woman how she should act or if you’re trying to dictate her identity, I think you’re just defying the very essence of what you think you’re fighting for as a feminist. I think a woman should be proud of however she wants to display her womanhood and her femininity. There’s power in all of it.” - Joy Xhindole



Not only does Joy tackle the power of representation in mainstream cinema through the lens of Wonder Woman, she also chats with us about the superhero culture that has grown in popularity in the last decade or so, and how it has interacted with feminism.

It's certainly a lot to unpack, and Joy navigates topics such as toxic masculinity and gender roles with ease. While we cover several topics on this episode, the crux of the issue is to understand that feminism is about equality. Wonder Woman is only one example of a strong woman, but strength comes in many forms, and we must recognize the importance of this. The takeaway is to be kind and take time to learn, empathize, and enable discourse.

We hope you enjoy this WONDER-ful episode of Unscripted.