Great Short Films Made in 24 Hours

24-hour film festivals have produced some great short films, we have gathered here some of our favourites. We hope they can inspire you for the Cameo Contest. Remember that the most important thing is to tell a compelling story.

The Salesman

A strange-looking salesman knock to a door to offer a man a time machine... What will happen?

Office Harassment

If somebody at your workplace is harassed, speak up! Nobody should have to go through sexual harassment.

The 5 Stages

A man goes quite strongly through the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Note To Self

A man put sticky self-notes for every trivial things imaginable. Why? Is there something more to it?

Loves Run Out

What would you do if somebody kidnapped your brother and wanted a $10,000 ransom by midnight?  You're on your own!

Sunny Side Up

Hey, I love you. Good is not enough: I'll cook the best egg for you:  I won't stop until I succeed. This short film is a great reminder that sometimes good enough is fine.

For your Eyes Only

A weird anti-social teenage boy try to get into dating... Who know why?


A young boy has a date  with a special friend he hasn't seen in a while.

Agent  Ingredient

A country's secret agent is  to discover a restaurant's secret ingredient.

My Bad!

It was an accident, my bad! Well, what do I do now?

Terms and Conditions

A shirt comes with a curse if you wear it!

Not a fan!

Sometimes it just doesn't work!

Empathy with an E

Some people get you and some don't.


Love is hard,  losing love  even more so.


The best things happen when you least expect them.

Dyslexic Princess

Sometimes communicating your feelings effectively can be tricky.