Student Life

How to #SenecaMedia

“How-to” content is some of the most popular content online today, but why is that? Well, for starters it’s usually just straight up educational and can help you learn how to do something. But more importantly, at the heart of “how” content, it helps you understand the people, places, and things around you. At the School of Media, we have been captivated with how students and faculty do the things they do. Whether it’s how the TV students light a scene, how the journalism students prepare for a newscast, or how Tech Comm students create proper user guides; it has all provided us so much insight into the ‘how’ of Seneca Media.


With that fascination in mind, we took a look at what we’ve documented over the past two years since Seneca Media started and realized we had captured all the different ‘hows’ that make up the School of Media world. There are some ‘hows’ that are specific to certain programs, but a lot of them transcend across the different disciplines and show the importance of those key skills. We’ve had the opportunity to see behind the finished products that Seneca Media students produce, and appreciate the process and work it takes. At the risk of tooting our own horn too much, it’s pretty dang impressive.


It’s time to celebrate ‘How to #SenecaMedia’ 


If you’re a new or prospective student wondering what you’ll learn in the School of Media, we hope this gives you a little insight into what’s in store. The experiences, people, and resources available will help teach you what you’ve come to learn, but remember, excelling and becoming successful afterwards is completely up to you.