Humans of Seneca Media

Humans of Seneca Media: David Turnbull (Public Relations)

David Turnbull began his journey as a paramedic and took the experiences and wisdom gathered in the field and applied them marvellously to the PR world. As a first responder, you always have to be prepared, because you never know what you’re dealing with next. You need to know how to be calm, think on your feet and conduct yourself accordingly in a given situation. He engages us with his own experiences of overcoming the unexpected and makes us feel empowered.

– Renee, Jeremy, Natasha, Sandra (Public Relations Students)


The first ever piece of advice [David] gave us was to remain calm. In any given situation, whatever the problem may be. Maintaining your presence of mind will lead to overall success. Another skill he has taught us is that of being adaptable. He will throw curveballs at us to push our limits and we just have to act accordingly. In Public Relations, we need to learn how to be prepared. We never know when we have to create a press release or prepare a speech in a crunch. So the odd situations David throws our way helps us develop these invaluable skills that we will most certainly take with us after we graduate.


– Karishma, Jess, Portia (Public Relations Students)