Humans of Seneca Media

Humans of Seneca Media: Gary Wise (Public Relations)

I’m back in school because I was a reporter for a long time, and then I did media management and neither of those were fulfilling. My time as a reporter was spent in the company of a lot of PR people, and I really liked what they did. That made me want to do PR as a course. Ultimately Seneca was closest to me, so the convenient location was an important deciding factor. When I came here though, I found that I like the people I’m working with now. I like the instructors a lot, and I think that I’m getting a very hands on feel for what I will be doing in my career once it starts. I think that with any profession, there are questions we are afraid to ask, because they are too dumb. Our instructors though, have been key in giving us the answer to those questions that we might be too shy to ask. Being shy isn’t really a problem for me, but I am glad to have that kind of instruction.

– Gary Wise (Public Relations – Corporate Communications)