Humans of Seneca Media

Humans of Seneca Media: Yalda Sarwar (Journalism)

“I decided to become a journalist, or a storyteller, because I was raised with stories. The difference was, they weren’t what children hear and read today. Instead, they were stories of real-life horrors. Stories of war, trauma, and survival.

I was born amidst flying rockets, during Afghanistan’s civil war. One that tore and left that nation, into a thousand divided pieces, even to this day. But my family and I survived, and thrived. Through journalism, I would like to be the voice for others who may not have had the same opportunities as my family and I. But becoming that strong voice isn’t easy. It takes patience, resilience, passion, and hard-work.

I remember the beginning of my own journey. A professor once told me I wrote so badly that I would never set foot into the media, let alone become a journalist. I had just moved into Canada, English was my fourth language, and I was doing everything I could to succeed. Her words shattered me. I was lost between three worlds: Afghanistan, Canada, and journalism.

But I haven’t allowed a single discouraging soul keep me down for too long. I have now written articles for a newspaper publication, produced news stories in many genres, and am working to build myself a digital archive of my past, current, and future achievements, with authentic journalistic work – all produced on my own.

I see myself as an author, journalist, and an anchor in the near future. Not only here in Canada, but also around the world. I am interested in everything that drives our world. I would hate to put a restriction on the kind of stories I tell, or report on, because journalism to me knows no borders.

Our careers I think, are one of, if not the biggest sources of love. Having that said, I would encourage anyone struggling, no matter what stage of their lives they may be, to be: confident, patient, resilient, and have endless respect for time.

So when faced with turbulences, in the words of my favourite poet Maya Angelou, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”

– Yalda Sarwar (Journalism)