A good story needs strong presentation to be truly engaging. Our Journalism program encourages you to turn day-to-day narratives into compelling presentations across traditional and emerging media platforms. You’ll be introduced to television, radio, digital journalism and documentary skills, and leverage these platforms to move beyond traditional reporting. You’ll gain a higher degree of competency and knowledge and be prepared to obtain entry level positions in television, radio, digital journalism and information programming.

You are best suited for this progam if you have a great desire for storytelling and disseminating information about news, public affairs, entertainment, sports, business, weather and health. Over the course of the program, you’ll learn important research, critical thinking, media analysis, writing, and on-camera and on-microphone performance skills.

Joint Program With York University

The Journalism program offers a joint program stream that lets you earn your Seneca diploma followed by a York University Bachelor of Arts degree. York students with two years of a BA or three years of an honours BA program can apply for the same arrangement in reverse.

How to Apply