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Seneca Media Unscripted : Know Your Worth As A Freelancer ft. Glenn Heshka


In our previous podcast, we discussed the pros and cons of what has come to be known as the “Gig Economy”. Just to recap, the gig economy denotes the growing demand for freelancing jobs as a result of rapid growth of technology in the workplace. More companies are finding it easier to contract individuals with specialized skills for a specific job, than hiring someone for a full-time position. So, with a growing demand, has emerged an increasing supply.

We touched upon the ambiguity that often accompanies freelancing briefly. This week, we endeavoured to discuss perhaps the most ambiguous aspect of the industry, and that is self-worth. As is the case in any competitive market, prices are often on a sliding scale to accommodate the demand. But, this could become a problem when we are the ones setting the prices. While individuals who have been freelancing for a long time generally have a system in place, newcomers tend to devalue their work to either get noticed, feed into their self-doubt, or simply find a job. Herein lies to issue of self-worth. How do we determine how much we should charge in an industry that doesn’t really have any concrete guidelines on the matter. Especially, when charging more could result in losing the gig to someone who costs less.


Media graduates are more inclined to take up freelancing positions in the workforce now, so these are important issues to consider, especially if you’re planning to start soon. But, never do we pose questions that we cannot find answers to. To discuss this in more detail, we invited Seneca College Television Broadcasting Instructor and long-time freelancer Glenn Heshka to join our podcast this week.

As someone who has been in this industry for a long time, Glenn certainly knows a thing or two about succeeding in it. He talked about the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and not limiting yourself. This especially applies to when you’re in school. He says that it is important to try everything and take advantage of the skills taught in college. Oftentimes this translates to more confidence in your own abilities when entering the workforce, which makes it easier to place a value on your work.

We further talk about the importance of bookkeeping, networking, and not working for free unless absolutely necessary. There are a lot of uncertainties, and several unknown variables that you will encounter on your journey as a freelancer. Glenn certainly sheds some light onto how these can be navigated to consolidate your career in this industry and enjoy success. If you’re looking to start freelancing, or are considering it but aren’t sure about the financial security of it all, be sure to check out this week’s edition of Seneca Media Unscripted.