My Summer as a Marilyn Denis Show Intern

As I sit here reflecting on my four month internship experience with The Marilyn Denis Show, I am emotional. There are many thoughts that run through my head, but one word that is consistently entering my mind is; grateful. I am grateful for deciding to pursue a diploma program and graduate early from university. I am grateful for the friends I made, and the people I had the opportunity to work with this summer. Most importantly, I am grateful for the Broadcast Journalism and internship program at Seneca School of Media.

Let me begin by saying that this was not an easy journey for me. In my second year at Western University, I knew that I was not fulfilled. I was reading textbooks, attending lectures, writing essays, and I knew that I was craving more than just a degree in media. It was in the Fall that I sat in my living room across from my Dad where I opened up about my desire to apply to college. I decided that I was going to shorten my degree, and graduate early from Western so I could pursue the Broadcast Journalism program at Seneca College.

I was looking for a program that was hands on and would teach me practical skills. It was important for me to attend a school that would give me the tools that I could use everyday in the workplace. At the beginning of this program, I knew that I wanted to save my internship until the final semester, because I could put everything that I learned in the classroom into practice. My two-year diploma program at Seneca was coming to an end, and it was time to apply to internships. I was nervous to send my resume and cover letter because I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a response. Then I dreaded the interview because I was afraid of saying the wrong things. Ultimately, I knew that I was overthinking because my professors prepared me for this moment, and I knew I was ready.


After a couple of interviews, I was offered the position as a production intern at The Marilyn Denis Show. Without hesitation, I accepted. I couldn’t believe that I would be working in the same building where shows such as The Social, eTalk, and Your Morning film everyday. During my internship, I assisted with pre and post-production tasks, such as creating research packs and transcribing. I attended pitch meetings and assisted with social media whenever I had free time. I also had the opportunity to work with the audience coordinator with creating and assembling audience giveaways. My favourite part about the internship was shadowing field shoots, the control room, and assisting inside the studio. I couldn’t believe how similar the things I learned in school mirrored the day-to-day routine at The Marilyn Denis Show.

In addition to my internship at The Marilyn Denis Show, I was asked to be a talent wrangler for iHeart Radio’s Much Music Video Awards. I watched this show every year, and was incredibly excited to work behind the scenes. My job was to ensure that my assigned talent was on time for their rehearsals, red carpet appearance, and press interviews. Over the course of the MMVAs weekend, I had the opportunity to meet and work with other talent wranglers and Bell Media employees. The toughest part about that weekend was trying to remain professional while being surrounded by celebrities that I admired (tough life, I know!).

If you are a student at Seneca College who is about to do an internship, my biggest piece of advice is to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes your way. The more you say ‘yes’, the more opportunities you will open yourself up to, and the more people you will get to work with. Saying ‘yes’ shows that you are eager to learn from others and help others, and that will go a long way.

Written By: Rachel Miller (Broadcast Journalism) | @RachelErinM

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