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Mondays are a bummer, I think we can all agree on that. You’ve hit snooze too many times, you’re late for class and you’ve barely scraped enough time to grab your morning coffee - which has already worn off before class starts. Case of the Mondays is a 3-5 minute podcast, that can help with that. We share obscure inspirational stories, uplifting news, and music that will get you in the zone. Don’t just get through the day, OWN the week!

Have you ever wondered if Netflix will make the theatre industry obsolete? Do you think Spotify is ruining the livelihood of musicians? What lessons can we learn from Star Trek? Was Friends really that bad? These are some of the burning questions that we answer on Unscripted. Often featuring students or prominent industry guests, this podcast delves deeper into the issues that are important to our generation - seriously!

Have you ever wanted to listen to a podcast, but it’s just sooo long because the hosts just won’t shut up? Well, this is our answer to that conundrum - we give ourselves only ten minutes to talk about topics of varying degrees of relevance and entertainment. If you want to listen to our scandalous social media never have I ever game, know what’s in our bag, or just cackle as we’re awkwardly made to shut up by the buzzer - take ten, and give Take Ten a listen!