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PR Dialogues Tackles Work-Life Balance

The latest issue of PR Dialogues reflects on something essential for any professional or student: achieving work-life balance. Knowing when to stop is extremely important as it allows you to stay healthy and deal better with stress. Studies have shown time and time again that the "always on" culture  is neither healthy, nor does it increase productivity.


In this issue...

The Winter 2020 issue features pieces on how executives keep thing together, how "hustle" culture has evolved, and whether work-life balance is feasible. One article touches on how to create healthy boundaries with your "work family". Another takes a closer looks at the commander personality type from the Myers-Briggs Indicator, which allows us to appreciate the leadership skills PR professionals bring to the workplace. Finally, Barbara Fagan Smith talks about how business principles, such as sharing a motto and engaging in clear communication, can foster better relationships within your family.

This issue has also received a platinum award from the prestigious Hermes Creative Awards. The awards, judged by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP), are assessed alongside thousands of submissions from around the world. They aim to celebrate excellence in creativity and communications, and truly stands as an incredible honour to the students who worked on this publication.

Work Life Balance – Fact or Fiction

The concept of work-life balance was brought to attention when Generation Xers entered the workforce. While most boomers got to keep the same position until they retired, the job market shifted drastically by the 1980s. As such, employees began to seek out other forms of compensation to make their life easier.  The Millennials go further by advocating for work-life balance.

Grand Seduction : The Fallacy of the Work Family

While concept of ‘work family’ first emerged as the foundation of positive work culture, it does create false emotional  obligations for employees. If employees feel that their superiors or colleagues are part of a family, they are compelled to worked even harder. This could be extremely taxing for some people and could lead to burn out.  Employers should aim to cultivate friendly relationships with employees, without having them feel indebted toward the company.

Work Life Balance - Who's In the Driver Seat?

It turns out that you shouldn't have to be a slave to your job. Too many workers end up exhausted because they are the victims of misconceptions, obsolete practices, and a system that has failed to adapt. While many people are still adhering to the increasingly impractical 9 to 5 model, some chose to answer their emails almost 24/7. In both cases, you pay a steep price for not demonstrating increases in productivity. This is why learning to set your limits is so important.

My Life ROI

Barbara Fagan-Smith, founder of Family ROI, is dedicated to strengthening the strongest and most important organization- the family. Over the past 14 years, the non-profit has helped hundreds of families achieve their goals and strengthen their bond.  Their motto is simple: “help each another, help our extended family, and help others”. Family ROI helps families with their communication, culture, mission, and practices. It is an outstanding example of what PR can bring to interpersonal relationships.

About PR Dialogues

PR Dialogues is produced by students studying in Seneca College’s Public Relations – Corporate Communications program – an eight-month post-graduate certificate that immerses students in Public Relations and Corporate Communications theory and practice. Students learn to write, work with the media, and research and develop strategic communications plans. PR Dialogues was launched in fall 2019 to give students an experiential learning opportunity, while covering topics of interest to working public relations practitioners around the world. It has received the platinum award from the Hermes Creative Awards two years in a row.

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