Public Relations

Mastering PR at the University of Southern California

Miranda and Julie at Annenberg

Imagine getting to study PR in one of the best programs in the world. Seneca College just made that dream so much more attainable thanks to their partnership with the University of Southern California!

Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC is our newest pathway partner for Seneca School of Media PR grads and is rated as one of the top schools in the world for graduate studies in public relations. They are so impressed with our first two grads that they have doubled the number of guaranteed seats in their Master’s of Strategic Public Relations program.

School of Media chair, Beth Agnew and Professor David Turnbull worked with Fred Cook, Director of the Annenberg Center for Public Relations, and university officials, in developing the pathway.  This is a first for Annenberg, and the opportunity is available exclusively to Seneca Public Relations-Corporate Communications graduates.  The university is also offering advanced standing to our grads, recognizing their high quality Seneca courses.

group photo of David, Beth, and Fred Cook.

Photo shows David (left) and Beth with Fred Cook.

PRCC grads Miranda Sager and Julie Fanelli began their studies in August 2017. The girls have been loving the program so far and shared their excitement for the experience with Beth and David when they visited in September. They praised Seneca’s writing classes for preparing them with skills that set them apart from their classmates. Miranda and Julie also noted David’s public speaking class for giving them the ability to speak in front of any crowd at any time, without fear!

Classes like Digital and Social Media expand on the knowledge they gained at Seneca and offer insights from many experts hailing from the heart of Hollywood PR. They also have the option to take extra courses, as Julie is doing, to develop new skills like graphic design. As a program in the school for communication and journalism, they work closely with the journalism students to help them in situations similar to how they will in the workplace. Miranda and Julie can choose from six different specialization tracks including Civic Engagement, Corporate, Digital Content, Lifestyle, Sports/Entertainment and Computational PR. This will give them the ability to focus their studies for succeeding in specific industries.

To hear more about Miranda and Julie’s success at USC check out this video from Beth and David’s visit!