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PR Students Master The Art Of Press Conferences

PR Students - Press Conference
PR Students - Press Conference

Our PR students cleared a major hurdle last week as the mock press conferences ended with a bang.  The assignment, which nudged David Turnbull’s media relations students out of their comfort zones, was the culmination of a semester studying the inner-workings of press conferences. It's a challenging yet exciting combination of Journalism, TV, PR and event planning in a live format. Research, writing media releases, and producing press kits were just some of the many skills put to the test! Students threw those nervous jitters through the window and polished their public speaking at the podium, while also navigating questions from the journalists in the audience. The topics ranged from freedom of expression in art, humane bullfighting to eerie topics such as death.  From the classroom to the spotlight and back again, this PRCC class of is ready for its next challenge!

And So It Begins

Our dedicated PR students kicked off their series of press conferences with a practice run assisted by our talented Journalism and TV students. This press conference simulation was based around the launch of a new plant-based product. It was a good starting point for the students and outlined all the intricate variables involved in holding a press conference, paving the way for the smooth execution of ones to come. Such a tremendous #SenecaProud moment, seeing our students  using their skill sets to aid each other.

Bringing Bullfighting To Canada - Yay or Nay??

On Tuesday, November 5th; our students revamped the west end of the  3rd floor of the DB building.  Turning it into the ideal setting for a press conference entitled “Festival De Carnaval”; a simulation announcing the introduction of  “Corrida de Toros” (Spanish bullfighting) in Toronto for the first time ever. It was the perfect time for such a topic seeing it was International Day on campus, which speaks to the elements of timeliness, relevance and remaining current; all important variables of press conferences.

Bold & The Beautiful

Next up, our students tackled a hot topic on the photo exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe by The Art Gallery of Toronto. The students passionately advocated for freedom of expression and why all art should be appreciated and spoke out against an impending protest of the opening day of the exhibit.

Green Death

A few weeks later the students moved to the Hive where they used the setting to simulate a riveting press conference on the topic of eco-friendly options for burial to attain complete decomposition of the body with minimal damage caused to nature. A very delicate topic indeed, but this exercise illustrated to the students how to tackle such topics and respond to the flurry of questions coined by journalists.

Raw Milk - To Drink or Not To Drink? That's The Question!

The controversial topics continued! On December 3rd, our students transformed the hallway of the 2nd floor of the SEQ Building into a press conference around educating Ontario residents on the dangers of drinking raw milk and the laws preventing its sale.

From Yeast To West

The next press conference the students tackled, saw the Hive become the site of the launch campaign for the sweet and savory Australian breakfast staple Marmite and its distribution into Canada, by Sanitarium Health Food Company. This is one discussion that won't leave a sour taste in your mouth!