Public Relations

Public Relations – Corporate Communications

Public Relations – Corporate Communications is an applied discipline grounded within a social context. Our program curriculum emphasizes public relations administrative skills and enhanced knowledge of the influence of commercial, institutional and political trends on contemporary society.

This program is an intensive learning experience that will prepare you to be a flexible public relations and communications practitioner with excellent management, research, writing, technical and social skills. You’ll be capable of working independently and becoming productive quickly in a communications or consulting position. Employers and academics in Europe, the USA and most Commonwealth countries now recognize that the practice of public relations (corporate communications) is an applied discipline grounded in its immediate social context. To succeed in the field, practitioners need to develop and apply public relations administration skills and the knowledge of how contemporary societies work and interact with commercial, institutional and political forces and trends.

Consequently, your studies in the Public Relations – Corporate Communications program will provide you with a solid foundation in at least one of several bodies of knowledge before studying public relations. These include political science, economics, history, English literature, sociology, psychology, science, philosophy and business or public administration.

You’ll benefit from our commitment to experiential learning. Throughout the program, you’ll gain knowledge from other students and acquire important professional skills from hands-on exercises. You’ll also learn from expert professors. Public Relations – Corporate Communications is a career-focused program that emphasizes public relations research, a global perspective and active learning. To succeed as a student, you must be prepared to work productively and closely with other students and the professors.

Optional Co-Op

The Public Relations – Corporate Communications program’s optional co-op component is the best way to build on your in-class learning, get valuable experience in your field, and grow your professional network. Space in this co-op stream is limited.

How to Apply