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Public Relations in a Virtual World

Public Relations is a field that requires interaction with people and building relationships. It is, after all, Public Relations. So, when the pandemic hit last March, how did this industry cope with shifting those relations into a virtual space?

We spoke to five Public Relations graduates from different cohorts to learn how they adapted during this period and whether they think this new normal will be permanent. 

Some of them believed that the industry's demands have changed, given the shift in perspective on many issues during the pandemic. There is a need to focus on areas of PR that were not in the spotlight before. They also agreed that while moving to a virtual space and adopting digital strategies was a long time in the making, adapting to it has been challenging. 

Moving to more personal topics, our grads had different takes on the work from home environment and how it has impacted their mental health. We get candid about their struggles and uncertainties but also find sustainable solutions to overcome them. 

They were honest about the reality of the industry but also incredibly optimistic for the future. These difficult times present challenges but also opportunities if we make an effort to look for them. 


*Disclaimer: This interview was conducted in 2020, and some of our grads employment status has recently changed. We'd like to congratulate them on their success, and encourage students to learn more about them in the Meet the Alumni section below!


PR is always changing, and it has to keep up with the times.  So, I wouldn't necessarily be worried about the uncertainties. I would be more focussed on updating myself, my capabilities and my  skills to match the times.

- Nilou Alizadeh

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Nilou Alizadeh

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