Radio Broadcasting

Broadcasting – Radio

Radio engages the individual or groups of listeners with personalized messages and distinctive styles. Broadcasters are at the heart of radio’s continuing allure. On-air presentation skills, script writing and audio production are the building blocks of a great radio experience. Learn these fundamentals as you build your own radio magic.

As a student in Broadcasting – Radio, you’ll gain pre-professional training in radio production and presentation skills necessary for a career as a radio announcer, radio station disc jockey, music programmer, radio scriptwriter or radio broadcaster.

You’ll acquire a high degree of competency that will enable you to begin your career within the broadcast industry. Your studies will focus on fundamental skills in on-air presentation, script writing and audio production necessary to create and produce effective radio programming. You are best suited for this program if you are interested in radio broadcasting in the context of radio stations.


Joint Program With York University

The Broadcasting – Radio program offers a joint program stream that lets you earn your Seneca diploma followed by a York University Bachelor of Arts degree. York students with two years of a BA or three years of an honours BA program can apply for the same arrangement in reverse.


How to Apply