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Seneca Media Unscripted: The Art of Audio Storytelling and Podcasting ft. Amanda Cupido

This week on Unscripted we’re talking all things podcasting. We’re joined by Seneca College Journalism professor and podcaster extraordinaire Amanda Cupido. With the popularity of podcasts on the rise, we knew Amanda was the perfect person to sit down with the learn about the tips, tricks, and trends in the industry today. Not only has Amanda spent most of her career perfecting the art of audio storytelling, she is also the author of the book “Let’s Talk Podcasting”, the essential guide to doing podcasting right.


When Amanda was first starting out as a journalism student, she originally thought she’d go into TV because of her love for morning shows. Once in school, it didn’t take long before the radio classes captured her attention. From there, her first job was at a radio station as a producer and her intrigue for the world of audio storytelling continued to grow. She recalls spending extra time at the station just filing and producing more stories because she loved the process so much. Eventually, she realized her passion for audio storytelling wasn’t quite being fulfilled the way she wanted it to and that’s when she turned to podcasts.


In news radio, it’s a grind of pumping out the stories and the pieces with the most relevance or interest were the ones that went to air. This meant that sometimes the stories she really loved and wanted to share would get bumped for bigger news. Furthermore, she came to realize that podcasts gave audio storytelling the ability to be told in a more evergreen way and live on longer than a radio piece would.


“The beauty of radio and audio as a whole, is that it’s a very intimate medium. You tend to feel a real bond with a host, whether it’s through radio or a podcast, people feel like they know them.”

Amanda Cupido

Undeniably, podcasts and audio content are experiencing rapid growth right now. Part of that is due to the fact that the technology and equipment needed to produce a high quality podcast are more accessible than ever. Everyone and their mother has the ability to start a podcast and get it up on iTunes or Google Play practically overnight. The interest is there and the audiences are there. As Amanda mentioned in our interview, the advantage podcasts have over radio is that they are more on demand- you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, even if you go out of service or offline. As entrepreneur and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, audio has the advantage over all other content today because it is the only content you can consume passively or while doing something else. Unlike something like YouTube, which requires you to watch the content in order to really experience it.


Interested in starting your own podcast? Amanda’s advice is to just go for it! It may seem like the market is over-saturated but there is still lots of room, especially for audio content being produced in Canada. If you think everything’s already be done, think again. Niche content and unique perspectives are what thrive in the podcast world. Start listening to podcasts, think about what stories you want to tell, and read Amanda’s book and you’ll be ready to conquer in no time!