Seneca Media Podcast – Pandemic Edition: Checking In With Our Faculty

With everyone spending so much time far apart, we felt like we needed something that would make us feel close. Everyone says we’re all in this together, but nothing drives it home like hearing it said by the people you’re missing. We reached out to faculty in the School of Media to hear how they’re doing. We wanted to know what’s bringing them joy, how they’re dealing with the challenges they’re facing, and what advice they have for each other, especially for students.

A podcast felt like the right way to do this, because audio can be such an intimate medium. Hearing their voices reminded us of the life that has been put on hold. We hope it helps you feel a sense of connection and solidarity while we’re all physically distanced.

We’d like to thank Scott Hart, Martin Waxman, Glenn Heshka, Jeff Roach, Lynda Calvert, Tina Cortese, Holly Cybulski, Amanda Cupido, Mary Pretotto, and Amara Possian for participating in this episode. Their honesty and enthusiasm is exactly what we expected from our Seneca Media faculty and they truly made this episode special.

We’ll get back to each other some day, but for now we’ll keep working to help keep our sense of community at Seneca Media strong.

Know that you can learn this. Trust your ability to learn. Be patient with yourself and be patient with others.

- Lynda Calvert