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Seneca Media Unscripted: Why Comfort is the Enemy of Success? Ft. Mohamed Yasser

On this episode of Seneca Media Unscripted we sit down with award-winning filmmaker and Seneca College alumnus Mohamed Yasser. Many of you may recognize him as a familiar face on campus, as his infectious smile and positive attitude are always on display at the SSF office. Yasser joined us on the podcast to talk about the journey of making his documentary film Jal and his perspective on creativity.


Jal is the tale of a hero and a master storyteller. After escaping the hands of a rebel group, a former child soldier finds his calling in music. His story and art captures the hearts of millions leading him to become an international star. Jal continues to use his platform to raise awareness about social inequality and spread the message of peace and unity. It is a truly remarkable story of a child’s journey from the battlefield to the global stage.

CME Award

The team that created this film received the prestigious 2019 Canadian Media Educators Student Award for a Short Documentary. The CME National Student Awards recognize and reward the unique combination of creativity and technical excellence demonstrated by students in radio, television/video, new media/animation, game design and photography programs taught in CME member institutions. The team accepted their award at the national conference held in Canmore, Alberta in May 2019.

Unscripted Interview

In true Unscripted style, our discussion with Yasser branched out beyond just his recent film to cover a whole slew of topics – they ranged from his creative process, how he remains positive and goal-oriented, what aspects of his life continue to ground, as well as what motivates him on a regular basis. Yasser’s story and advice will inspire not only aspiring filmmakers, but young professionals in any industry.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!