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Seneca Media Unscripted: The Pandemic From the Eyes of an International Student ft. Tania Vitiuk

Far From Home

Being far from home and studying abroad is both an adventure and a challenge at the best of times. Now imagine doing this through a pandemic, where you must self-isolate and adapt to a whole new way of life. That's the reality that Seneca College Public Relations student Tania Vitiuk is facing right now. She's originally from Ukraine, but came to Toronto in September to study take the eight month post-grad program.

On this episode of Seneca Media Unscripted, we talked with Tania about her experiences dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic while being away from home, and chatted about how she's handling the transition to online classes. We also discussed the lighter side of self-isolation like the social media trends and work from home fashion.

Staying Focused and Healthy

As a long-time fashion aficionado, Tania gave us good advice on how to stay trendy while at home. It's one of the ways she's keeping her spirits up. She is also eager to use the extra time to better herself.  In addition to her classes, she’s working on improving her writing skills and taking web-design classes. Her incredible drive is both commendable and a true inspiration to everyone going through these unusual times.

She also stresses on the importance of staying connected during these times. She encourages fellow international students to be diligent about staying connected to their friends and family- those both near and far. Isolation doesn't mean we need to feel completely alone. We all agree that having the power of the internet to keep us all in touch is really helping us through this.

We hope the genuine perspective Tania brings to this situation helps you feel a little better during this difficult time!

Make sure to socialize; talk to your family, talk to your friends  and use all social media platforms to communicate [...] Stay safe.

In addition to appearing in this podcast, Tania also wrote a blog post on the Seneca Media Blog, where she interviewed several international students and shared what their experiences have been.