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Seneca Media Unscripted: Magic in the Modern World ft. Harshvardhan Chharia

Last week we delved into the world of science fiction, this week we’re taking a slight right to magic.

We invited Public Relations student, Harsh Chharia, to talk about something he is passionate about, magic. He told us that he was interested in telling the audience about how practicing magic in the past has better equipped him to be a PR professional. We wondered how he planned to bring together two things we couldn’t possibly imagine sharing any common ground.  Star Trek last week was a bit of a stretch all on its own. So, how do we relate magic to PR? Of course, leave it up to you guys to pleasantly surprise us with your thoughtfulness and ingenuity every time.

On this podcast, Harsh seamlessly tied the threads of magic and illusions with the underlying principles of PR to show us that inspiration and skills are transferable across any discipline.  So, how does this work? What could Harsh have possibly picked up from magic that he’s using in PR now?

Well, let’s start with the basics. As Harsh explains, every magic trick, regardless of how complex in nature, requires careful thinking, planning and research. It’s almost a meticulous process to make sure everything is perfect for the performance when there is no room for a mistake. Even the slightest slip in planning, could be detrimental to the entire act.

It’s a similar process in PR. Whether it’s a press conference, or a speech, or even a pitch that needs to be submitted to a client,
planning is essential. Harsh talks about how magic helped train him to have the presence of mind and patience required to
succeed at the planning stage of a project. In fact, he talks about how he uses meditation to reach a calm and composed state. Take notes grasshoppers, this is a trick we all need.

He also discusses how the need to constantly come up with new ways to surprise the audience and keep them on their toes, has helped him be resourceful and creative. If you’ve ever seen a David Turnbull press conference, you know how important this particular skill set is.

Perhaps the most important skill Harsh has picked up as a magician, is the art of knowing what the audience wants, and engaging them accordingly. In magic this is showmanship. In PR, it’s stakeholder relations. Understanding the audience, and tailoring deliverables to reflect this, is a crucial part of PR. In fact, engaging the audience is the basis for success in any media field. So, for Harsh, learning this early has already helped shift his mental gears into that

So, let’s take a leaf out of Harsh’s book, and leave some of the tips and tricks for you to hear on the podcast. He shares more about how he relates magic to PR. He also shares some industry secrets to how some pretty mind-boggling tricks actually work.  If you want a little behind the scenes insight into the magic industry, and learn how easy it is to marry your passion to your craft, give Harsh’s interview a listen!

You can find Harsh on Twitter @harshchharia and on Instagram @harshchhariaofficial