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Seneca Media Unscripted: Millennials and Politics ft. Bill Hutchison


As millennials, we have a reputation of being lazy, entitled and “special snowflakes”.  There have been a lot of tags attached to our generation, and one such tag is that of “political apathy”. Our generation, at the moment consists of a significant portion of the voting strength in Canada. Given this, people tend to observe that our general indifference to politics and prioritization of other not-so-important things, as dismal and rather typical of our nature. But is this really the case? Are we really so clueless?


There is also the rise in technology to factor into the mix. Are we too busy glued to our phones to care about what’s happening around us? Well, people sure like to think so. Or is it that we are so readily exposed to news and current events that we are simply jaded with the state of politics. Perhaps, it’s just that between looking for a stable job, and paying the bills and hustling, we just don’t
have the time to care just yet.

To answer all of these questions, and to see the extent to which our generation can really be held responsible for apathy, we invited Journalism professor Bill Hutchison to chat with us on this edition of Seneca Media Unscripted. Bill has worked closely with students from Generation Y for a while. His students are budding reporters who should be aware of the state of politics among other issues.


We won’t give it all away, suffice it to say that Bill refrained from putting the blame squarely on anyone’s shoulders. This was not out of an attempt to be neutral either, we know Bill to speak his mind, which is why we brought him on. He gave valid reasons to explain a trend that is more of a pattern than something unique to our generation. The key takeaway from our chat with Bill, was that political indifference has been prevalent in the younger demographic throughout history. However, in more ways than one, our generation is faced with certain drawbacks that our parents did not have to deal with. For this reason, it would be wise for us to use our power to influence change and become involved in politics, before it becomes too late. 

Listen to our podcast to understand this issue better, and find out how we can approach politics in a more positive manner that will empower us. 

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