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Seneca Media Unscripted: The New Pandemic Hobby – Gardening ft. Sarah Tyler

On this episode, we’re talking about millennial's favourite piece of home decor- plants! There may have been a time when gardening and plants weren’t that appealing to younger generations, but not these days.

Not only is it a more popular hobby, it’s also great for life in quarantine during the pandemic. We know baking was a very trendy one, but Sarah Tyler joins us to share why gardening is the q-life hobby we all need! Sarah is a student in Seneca College’s Public Relations - Corporate Communications program and she started a blog as part of the program all about gardening and plant care.

For as long as she can remember, Sarah has enjoyed gardening with her family and as she moved out on her own she brought that love of plants with her into her spaces. When it came time to start a blog for the PR program, a gardening one seemed like a natural fit and thus, Well-Grown Home was launched. It’s become a platform where Sarah can share her tips for beginner plant enthusiasts, how gardening can help with mental health, plant-based beauty tips, and home-grown herbs to cook with.

As Sarah has found during the pandemic, and even before, plants can help fill your space with life. While she’s been turning to gardening as a pandemic hobby to calm her mind, she also suggests plants for apartments and smaller indoor spaces.

Even if you mostly associate gardening with seniors or you just like plants for the aesthetic, there’s a lot to be learned from our conversation with Sarah!