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Seneca Media Unscripted: Social Media and the Global Pandemic ft. Martin Waxman and Mary Pretotto

Social media has become integral to our lives during this pandemic. It has brought us together, kept us informed, and prevented us from slipping into a spiral of actual isolation - or has it?

This week, we chat with Mary Pretotto and Martin Waxman, about how social media has influenced our lives during the year of the quarantine.

Has the pandemic shaped digital media, or has it been the other way around? What would our lives be without Twitter to give us timely news updates? Without Instagram to keep us on our toes with all the baking? Without the dancing that kept us active on TikTok? Without the Zoom meetings, and Facebook lives?

We shudder to think.

Whether we like it or not, social media has left a lasting impression on our lives, and has proven to us that it is here to stay.

On this episode we cover, social media trends, its effect on small and large businesses, fake news, best practices and how it has kept us sane.