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Seneca Media Unscripted: The World of Sports Journalism ft. Scott Hart

The Coveted Position of a Sports Reporter

Ask any sports fan around the world, and they will be able to name at least one reporter they listen to on a regular basis. Such is the nature of the job. Sports reporters turn ordinary occurrences into stories. They’re the ones who indulge our cravings to know more about something we are so passionate about. What did that play really mean? What is really going on with that player who was benched? We want to know it all, and only the reporters have the answers. They're the ones with access to the players we love so much, and behind the scenes stories that we didn't know we needed. Frankly, they get us excited about sports. No wonder, it’s such a coveted position, but it certainly couldn’t be easy to attain.

Internships and Sports Journalism in a Pandemic

So, we interviewed Scott Hart, who is a Senior Highlights Manager at TSN and Journalism Professor at Seneca College, to gain some insights into what it takes to succeed in this competitive field. We chatted with Scott about his journey, which took him from working at the Woodbine racetrack, where he knew nothing about racing, to the TSN newsroom, where he felt at home. Of course, he had several milestones along the way - the Olympics and Stanley Cup Finals, just to name a few.

As a self-proclaimed sports junkie, Scott talks about how he always knew sports journalism was the path for him. Despite his passion for the subject matter, it wasn’t an easy road, but he knew it wouldn’t be. He was prepared to work hard. So many times in this podcast, we hear him say that he knew this is what he wanted to do, and nothing else mattered - he never questioned himself, even when others would. That is precisely the dogged determination he advises students to have.

We discuss his role in hiring at TSN, and what he looks for in potential interns. We also touch on how the positive approach and can-do attitude he looks for in students, becomes so important during times of crisis - such as the current pandemic. Scott tells us how the world of sports continues to function well even at times like this. It was inspiring to hear about how journalists always find stories to tell, whether we’re in quarantine or in the midst of playoff season.

If you’re an aspiring sports journalist, this isn’t a podcast you want to miss!

Being in that newsroom is one of my favourite spots I've ever watched a game because everybody is just so into it and you just pick up on everybody's enthusiasm.