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Seneca Media Unscripted : Year In Review

As another great year comes to a close, we here at Seneca Media decided to relive it for nostalgia’s sake – well that, and podcast’s sake. It has been one of our most eventful years yet. We wouldn’t be a very effective media team if we didn’t milk it for one last content piece, would we? So, here it is, our last podcast of the year – 2018 In Rewind. We talk about all the amazing things that happened this past year – not that anything we do is not amazing. Err, this podcast may be a bit longer than anticipated.

Allan Garden Speeches

Who: Public Relations Students – Section C

What: Public Speaking

Where: Allan Gardens Toronto / Out in the Freezing Cold

When: Sometime in January / Far Too Early in the Morning

Why: Because, David Turnbull

How: Like champs


Voices 2018

Who: Public Relations Students

What: Public Speaking Competition – Centennial, Georgian, Humber and Seneca.

Where: The Burroughes Building– Toronto / Very Cool and Trendy Loft

When: Sometime in March / At a Decent Time (there was breakfast)

Why: To showcase creativity and public speaking talents, and give students a platform to talk about something they’re passionate about.

How: Seneca was so good, that we brought home TWO trophies #winning


Lobby Day at Queen’s Park

Who: Colleges Ontario and Government Relations Students and Building F

What: Lobby Day to Showcase the Innovative Ideas and Programs Colleges in Ontario Offer

Where: Queens Park

When:  March / Also Too Early in the Morning

Why: Because, Joe MacDonald

How: We Learnt About So Many Cool Projects the Colleges Were Working On, and Ate Some Aesthetic Looking Food

The Moxi Awards

Who: School of Media

What: The Moxis: Digital Format Awards to Celebrate   the Amazing work our School of Media Students Have Done All Year

Where: Seneca @ York Campus

When:   April – After the Worst Snowstorm of the Year

Why: Because we  wanted students to be recognized for their hard work

How: A LOT of work and planning

RTVT Screening Night

Who: Television Students

What: A Red Carpet Affair to Showcase the Short Films 4th Semester Students Produced

Where: Seneca @ York Campus

When:   April – In the Evening (Thank You)

Why: To Celebrate Students’ Hard Work and Share it With Friends and Family

How: Like a Legit Film Festival Organized By EMP Students


Journalism Summer Institute @ The Toronto Jazz Festival

Who: Journalism Summer Institute Students in Partnership With Toronto Jazz

What: Students Received Exclusive Access to Behind the Scenes Activity at the Jazz Festival – They Interviewed Performers, As  Well As Guests (it was a full entertainment  reporter experience)

Where: Yorkville

When:   June – One Week

Why: To Give Journalism Students First-Hand Field Experience As Reporters

How:  Ongoing Partnership Between Seneca and TD Toronto Jazz

Journalism @ TIFF

Who: Journalism Students and Out There With Melissa DiMarco

What: Students Interviewed the Cast of ‘Corporate Prey’ in a Press Junket Style at TIFF

Where: Toronto International Film Festival

When:   September – In the Middle of a Thunderstorm

Why: To Give Journalism Students First-Hand Field Experience As Entertainment Reporters (How to Speak to Celebrities Etc.)

How: Proper Press Junket Set-Up – At a Hotel, Where Vanity Fair and ET Canada Were Also Conducting Interviews (a lot of star-spotting happened)

Seneca Media Turns 2 – The Magic Continues with Our HP Party!

Who: Seneca Media fam

What: We Celebrated Our Second Birthday on Halloween with a Harry Potter Themed Party-

Where: Seneca@York

When:   Halloween

Why:  To recognize the magic that happens here at Seneca Media

How:  A LOT of Arts and Crafts


PR Alumni Panel

Who: Current PR Students and Five PR Program Alumni

What: Former Students Discussed How They Set Up Their Blogs for Martin Waxman’s Social Media Class, (as well as their experience in the program)

Where: Kaleidoscope Room

When:  October

Why: To Help Current Students Better Understand Their Projects, and How to Navigate The Process of Setting Up a Blog

How:  With the Clever Event Management Capabilities of The Seneca Media Team

PHEW! Those were only the highlights of this year. 2018 was packed with lots of fun and hustle. There was never a dull moment, and students were constantly surprising us with their passion and creativity. We accomplished a lot this year, including starting out own podcast series. We wish you all a relaxing winter break, and look forward to seeing you all back in action in 2019! We cannot wait to see what the new year has in store!

Take Care, and Happy New Year Fam!!!