Public Relations

Seneca PR Students Fulfilling Great Expectations!



On Tuesday, June 20, glitz and glam took over Seneca@York’s Kaleidoscope Room. As part of professor Holly Cybulski’s event planning course (CCM 726), Seneca Public Relations students showed off their event management skills, hosting a special event “Great Expectations:  A PR Affair”

In groups of 5-6, students were asked to design an event concept merging the themes of great expectations and communications in hand. Those broad instructions led to an appropriately broad range of event ideas, with the extravagant event designs ranging from a grand-scale tech conference, to a masquerade affair, to a women-only career networking garden party and more. We have to say, the aesthetics for each display were ON POINT. The tables were decorated with utmost detail and were a visually brilliant!

Each group’s ideas were shown off in ten-minute presentations for a panel of four industry professionals from the communications field, acting as event judges. Every event was original and interesting, with the groups planning everything from the venue to the itinerary. The amount of though and detail put into each event was simply astounding. Of course, our students themselves held themselves with grace and confidences. They represented the values and excellence of Seneca College and made us proud. We could tell that even the panel of experts was impressed.

Regardless of who won which award, it’s safe to say attendees left with smiles on their faces, thanks to a fun time, bellies full of candy and a major assignment off the competitors’ plates.

Speaking of plates, we cannot stop gushing about the food. These students offered everything from scrumptious cupcakes to beautiful mock-tails. Great Expectations was truly a treat in every sense! Do you want to hire these PR hopefuls to plan your event? Well get in line!

Written By : Gary Wise, Public Relations