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Seneca School of Media Shines at BEAC

Two Fridays ago, The Broadcast Educators Association of Canada held their annual conference in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Seneca School of Media sponsored and hosted college instructors in the field of media from across the country. The three days went by in a blur.

The Instructors

We are proud to say that students and instructors from the #Seneca Media fam stood out and shined throughout! Seneca instructors hosted many of the key panels. On our first day we kicked off with Martin Waxman, social media aficionado and guru, taught the audience how to help students build a better online brand, and present themselves in the digital space in a way that will ensure success. The panel was a hit, the audience loved it.


Soon after, Journalism professor, Bill Hutchinson brought an immense amount of energy to the panel on the ever-controversial “Fake News” dilemma. This elicited a lot of variant responses from our audiences that made for an incredibly dynamic and interesting discussion.

This was followed by an incredibly insightful presentation on Indigenous perspectives in the journalism field. Seneca’s Jim Cullingham moderated this panel on how instructors can help their students understand the Indigenous community and widen the scope of their coverage on these issues.

The Alumni

Later in the day,  Paula Todd, took the stage. Except this time, the attention was not quite on her. Instead, it was on a panel of alumni that consisted of Seneca Grads, Brandon and Zack. In an open discussion, they spoke about their triumphs and failures. They also shared what they liked, and wished was different about their ex-instructors. It was a fantastic discussion that was laced with humour and nuggets of wisdom!

The Students

The day ended with three of our Public Relations students along with the ever-cool David Turnbull taking the audience by storm in their segment. For about an hour, these wonderful students taught a room full of instructors how to be excellent instructors. They enthralled the audience and made Seneca proud! Naila, Aneri and Mari sprinkled their presentation with personal experiences, wit and a different perspectives, and showed their mettle as future PR pros.  David Turnbull was as always, his charming and interesting self. He encouraged these students to overcome their fears and take on a room full of pros. He truly showed us why he is the public speaking professor.

Finally, as the conference culminated in an awards night to honour the hard work of students in the broadcast stream. Seneca Media was exemplary once again. Emily Zupnik a recent Journalism grad took home the best Current Affairs Radio Documentary award for her gripping podcast series “A Place Called Home”. Alexa Lauzon won for her heartfelt long radio documentary “The Sapphire Ring”. Alexa also took home the President’s Award for this touching piece. The night would be incomplete without the Mistress of Ceremonies and former Journalism student – the charming Salma Ibrahim

Seneca School of Media continues to make us so proud of everything they do. From our instructors to our students, they are all amazing and deserve all the love and so much more!