#SenecaMedia Ambassadors

A Seneca Media Ambassador is the voice of our brand in the classroom. They represent our school’s values when interacting with their peers. This includes sharing enthusiasm for excellence as well as being innovative and creative by developing new ideas and finding solutions.

Our ambassadors are leaders within their classroom and the community. They communicate news, achievements, concerns and tell stories that are relevant and important within their academic and professional fields. These all-stars are responsible for ensuring that the work their peers produce is recognized and rewarded by the community and prospective employers.

Along with being our point of liaison, ambassadors allow for the community to better understand the workings of their program and industry. They do so by collaborating with us on several content initiatives and demonstrating their varied skillset. These initiatives include, writing content for our blog, corresponding with us live from events, discussing current events and topics of relevance on our podcasts as well as actively sharing content for social media use. In doing so, they shed light on matters that are important on their field, which helps prospective students and employers understand the merits of their program.

Ambassadors are incredibly crucial to the School of Media, as they form the cornerstone of our community. We are proud to present the following students, who have distinguished themselves, and become invaluable members of our team.


                     IRYNA ZHELIASKO                                           LINA MURASHKA                                             GARY WISE                                                  SAMRIDH NEGI


                   KATHERINE SOUSA                                             J.R. MANATAD                                                   RENEE WONG                                             JORDAN KERR


ROSA CAMPAGNA                                            HEATHER RISDON