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SenecaMedia Success Stories: Kristen Berkeley

Kristen Berkeley is a graduate from Seneca’s Journalism program. She is currently a morning show host and reporter at CKLB radio station. Kristen has reported on the legislative assembly, press conferences, festivals and daily breaking news. Kristen is also the producer and host of CKLB’s new women’s show: Voices Of Indigenous Women Of The North. This is the first women’s show in Canada to focus only on Indigenous women.


She previously worked at Caribbean Tales Inc., where she was responsible for managing the website and editing footage. While working for this company, Kristen produced event trailers for various movies and documentaries that promote the Caribbean Tales Film Festival. Kristen also produces an empowerment series called “How She Leads”, where she interviews various women who are leaders in their field.


The Caribbean Tales Incubator (CTI) is a production hub for Caribbean Producers. It creates content for the global market.The ultimate goal of the CTI is to increase the pool of world-class indigenous film and television content.



Kristen was a standout in the program who championed women’s issues from day-1. We recognized this and she earned a “Journalism Student Award” for her advanced reporting skills.

– Barbara Caines, Journalism Program Coordinator