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SenecaPress: Celebrating the Success of Our Great Publications

On May 30, 2019, in the shadow of the CN Tower, a group of published authors gathered with friends and family at The Spoke Club to celebrate all the hard work they had put in to their respective publications.

The event was to celebrate the many successful publications that have come out of SenecaPress publishing in the past few years, but there was a special focus on two publications that have come out in the past months- Dr. Michael Maynard’s Passion and Persistence: An Inaugural History of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and the second edition of the rebooted Public Relations Dialogues written by Public Relations students, alumni and professors.

The event also celebrated the other successful publications by SenecaPress: Seneca Fashion Resource Centre, [email protected] Art Collection, A Celebration of Indigenous Culture at Seneca, Varsity Sports at Seneca and College Quarterly. 

Passion and Persistence

The book Passion and Persistence: An Inaugural History of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, recently published by SenecaPress, is built upon author Michael Maynard’s doctoral dissertation at the University of New Brunswick, combined with his first-hand experience as Director of the College from 2007-2012. Although the College’s history dates from 1937, no one had formally documented its development and its ongoing success in the delivery of fine crafts programming. To source content, Maynard interviewed faculty and staff, many of whom had worked at the College for many years, sourced photographs never published, and researched documents and reports at the provincial archives. He designed the book to appeal to readers not only from the crafts community, but also those interested in the development of craft and design education in Canada. The book is available through the Seneca Bookstore.

A Celebration of Indigenous Culture at Seneca

In his role as Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Art and Design, Dr. Michael Maynard has initiated and coordinated four book projects designed to document and celebrate institutional highlights at Seneca. All four books feature work by current and former students. Indigenous Culture at Seneca, published by SenecaPress in 2018, was no exception. Articles were researched and written by Public Relations-Corporate Communications students, many photographs were taken by former Photography student Roberto Vazquez, and the book was designed by Graphic Design graduate Lily Nguyen. A second edition was published this year because Peggy Pitawanakwat, Coordinator, First [email protected], found the first printing so popular that the Odeyto Indigenous Centre soon ran out of copies.

Varsity Sports at Seneca 

Character, Leadership, Excellence: Varsity Sports at Seneca tells the stories of notable athletes from the Seneca community, including former students as well as Athletics and Recreation employees. This project was produced by 19 Public Relations – Corporate Communications students, and led by Professor Tom Bartsiokas and Michael Maynard, Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Design, and [email protected] Campus Principal. The foreword was written by Linda Stapleton, Director of Sport and Recreation.

The stories and photographs captured in the publication illustrate the three core values that Seneca’s varsity athletics programs are built upon: character, leadership and excellence. Every coach and athlete profiled in this publication exemplifies this commitment.

PR Dialogues

Public Relations Dialogues was produced by students studying in Seneca’s Public Relations – Corporate Communications program — an eight-month graduate certificate program that immerses students in public relations and corporate communications theory and practice. Throughout the program, students learn to write, work with the media, research and develop strategic communications programs to their skills. Public Relations Dialogues was launched this past fall to give students an experiential learning opportunity, while covering topics of interest to working public relations practitioners around the world.


For more information on any of the SenecaPress publications or to request a copy of any of the above please contact the School of Media on the [email protected] Campus.